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How to choose high-performance safe mobile phone charging data cable

First, look for MFI certification mark mobile phone charging data cable. MFi full name is "Made for iOS". MFi will be followed by a different suffix, for example, "MFi licensed technology" refers to third-party accessories and iOS devices connected to the technology (such as 30 pin data cable, Lightning data cable, Airplay audio transmission, Carplay, headset. "MFi certification" refers to Apple's certification of these third-party accessory. The most important thing, Apple will not make any warranty for the use of products that do not have Apple MFi certified accessories that cause damage to Apple products.


Second, mobile phone charging data cable interface technology material is also very important. USB interface must be highly secure, many cottage data lines are the interface looks very fragile, there is no guarantee for charging safety. Good quality third-party mobile phone data cable will not, will attach great importance to charging security issues, will deliberately strengthen the interface.


Third,select the copper core of the phone charging data cable. The advantage of the copper core data line is that the data line charging speed can be greatly improved, to meet the needs of many acute and emergency electricity situation, in the fast-paced modern society, the efficiency of flashlight charging also needs to be improved. At the same time, copper wire in the process of transmitting current, performance is more stable and safe, the basic charge does not appear hot and hot conditions, greatly reduce the chance of accidents.

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