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Tempered glass screen protector

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  • Tempered glass-HG07-3D
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  • Tempered glass-HG07-3D
  • Tempered glass-HG07-3D
Tempered glass-HG07-3DTempered glass-HG07-3DTempered glass-HG07-3DTempered glass-HG07-3DTempered glass-HG07-3D

Tempered glass-HG07-3D

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Product description

Perfect for Protective your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Because of curved edges of Galaxy S8 Plus, it will generate a halo effect on the edges that if you use traditional full screen glass protectors. We have developed a Dot Matrix glass screen for Galaxy S8 Plus, offers a full screen protection without any halo effects or bubbles. This is accomplished with state of the art technology by placing hundreds of microscopic transparent dots on the screen protector to mimic the contact of your finger on the screen. 

Made of high quality tempered glass, it delivers maximum protection, ensuring a shock-proof, pressure-resistant anti-scratch protection, while preserving HD clarity of resolution and up to 95% light transmission rate. 

In addition to superb protection, it is only 0.33mm thin and features a unique oil resistant coating that repels natural skin oils and reduces annoying fingerprints.

Important Note:

Due to the edge design of the Galaxy S8, there has a little difficult to install the glass accurately if someone have never install tempered glass.

If you couldn't install the glass accurately, it may cause a problem that the sensitivity of your phone screen would be lessened.

This is a common problem about Galaxy Tempered Glass Screen Protector on the market.

How to avoid this problem?

1.Please position the glass on the phone screen carefully when you are installing the glass screen protector.


2.Use the clean cloth to press the edge of screen firmly after installed the glass, to help the glue stick on the screen.

3.If you install the phone shell before install  the screen protector, it would helper you install the glass more accurately.

For Optimal Usage:

Simply install your Otium Galaxy S8 Plus Glass Screen Protector with your device and enjoy the Protection in any environment.

Suitable For:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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